The 5 surprising uses of AI in our daily lives

February 25, 2024

In recent years, artificial intelligence has completely changed our daily lives. We now use it for almost everything. Moreover, it is very likely that you are using it without realizing it. Discover through this article the most surprising uses of this revolutionary technology.

Image generation

Graphics is one of the areas that has been most impacted by new artificial intelligence. Creating artistic images, fantastic and fanciful illustrations or even convincing portraits becomes within everyone's reach. By using tools powered by this technology, you can create anything even when you don't have artistic flair.

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A tool like is one example among many others. Just go there and type a prompt to see the magic happen in just a few clicks. Thanks to this tool, you no longer lack images for your publications on social networks.

Text generation

Just like image generation, it is also possible to create written content from scratch using AI. The principle is also the same. These are pre-trained algorithms with deep learning techniques that help achieve this task.

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The most famous tool for generating heads is certainly chatGPT. You can use it to automatically generate blog articles, product descriptions, text summaries and even poems. It can even be used to write memoirs or long novels.

Virtual assistance

The AI revolution is also affecting the world of virtual assistance. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these assistants are more sophisticated and more efficient. They are now installed in smartphones, smart speakers and other smart devices and help accomplish tasks like:

Scheduling appointments;

Searching for information online;

Ordering products;

Control of connected home devices;


Applications such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant use this technology. Everyone therefore uses AI on a daily basis.

The health sector

Artificial intelligence is also used on a daily basis in the healthcare field. Researchers in the field use it to find new solutions to improve patient care, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of care.

More concretely, chatbots already assist many doctors in making diagnoses and also support patients in their care. Further, AI has also enabled rapid development of medical imaging systems. This makes it easier to automatically detect and diagnose certain medical conditions.


Finally, AI is also playing a growing role in the field of finance. To begin with, financial institutions use AI algorithms to analyze transactional data, detect fraud and assess risk.

As for customers, AI-powered virtual financial advisors help them better manage their investments and plan their savings. AI is therefore revolutionizing the way financial services are provided and transforming the way we manage our money.

This list is of course not exhaustive. This revolutionary technology is widely used in other fields, such as justice, education, sport, cinema and in several industries.